Me in 15 seconds

I’ve been an amateur athlete at the CrossFit Games, graduate student with an MBA from the University of San Francisco School of Management, and a multi-year digital nomad roaming the US and Europe.

I’m currently the Director of Operations & Data Science @ Xola, abstract acrylic painter, dog dad of 2, fitness enthusiast, newly minted husband, love comedy, and I spend far too much time listening to long-form interview podcast. 

California native and living between San Francisco & Toronto.  

What I’m Working On

building things on the internet

Part of leadership team growing a B2B SaaS company in the travel sector. Connect with me in LinkedIn.

building things on the canvas

Abstract acrylic painting on canvas. Paintings available for purchase August 2022.

active work


What I’ve Worked On Past Work


In a previous career I was a full-time fitness professional serving local and remote clients. The archive of that work can be found here.

past works