Byproduct. Not the product.

A research professor will dedicate decades and an innumerate amount of time researching, thinking, analyzing, discussing, and clarifying a concept. Depending on the field this process can eventually culminate into various mediums such as research papers, scientific articles, books, articles, etc.

What people see is this product. This tip of the iceberg, so to speak, with years of deep work and focus hidden out of sight of the consumer. What is often forgotten is that this is where the magic happens. This is where Noble prizes and best-sellers are made. This idea that much of what you take in (including these words) is merely a byproduct of so much more depth and breadth that it would be futile to try and convey. And so we don’t. And what we see is only the tips of icebergs.

A common mental framework is to think product first – work second. If you haven’t already, start thinking about how to flip that perspective. Focus on the work, and the product will naturally rise from the water.

Whatever your goal is, whether it be strength, flexibility, competing, body composition, wellness, technique, etc. Move your thought process towards the process. Just do the work, and your ambitions in wellness and health will come to fruition with more haste, ease, and gracefulness than being overly fixated on end-state results – or products – or the tips of icebergs.