PowerBuilding Program For Intermediate Lifters

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Intermediate PowerBuilding Program. PowerBuilding can be referred to as a concurrent or hybrid exercise training program.

The purpose of a concurrent training program is to focus on two or more training styles for an extended amount of time. This program combines techniques from BodyBuilding & PowerLifting into one unique training program.


It is intended for intermediate lifters who know how to squat, dead, bench, and press. In addition, it is intended for those who are considered Intermediate with both their Squat & Deadlift. If you’re not familiar with what level you are, you can download this spreadsheet.

You can expect four training sessions a week. A training session will look something like this:

  1. The first 20 to 40 minutes is used towards the main lifts (Bench, Deadlift, or Squat) using a powerlifting training protocol. For example, five sets of three back squat.
  2. For the last 20 to 40 minutes we use traditional bodybuilding exercises to increase muscle mass. What’s unique is that these exercises are used to supplement the powerlifting lifts. For example, we may have three sets of twelve chin-ups. It accomplishes the goal of increased back thickness which is functional for both powerlifting and bodybuilding.

A month of training is set up into four microcycles. A microcycle simply being a week of training.

  1. Week 1: Progressive overload
  2. Week 2: Progressive overload
  3. Week 3: Progressive overload
  4. Week 4: Deload week with ~50% volume and intensity.

All of the training is handled within a spreadsheet that is customizable to your lifting numbers and what accessory bodybuilding movements you would like to use during that month. Once you’ve finished a month of training you go back to the spreadsheet, add your new PR’s, and start another month of training.

If this program sounds interesting, you can read more on the Intermediate PowerLifting Program product page.