Bench Press – Level 2 – Elementary


[tabl class=”table-condensed” caption=”” width=”100%”] Workout A, Workout B
3×5 Bench Press, 3×8 Bench Press

How to Progress

Every time you complete Workout A or Workout B women add a total of 2.5 lb to the bar and men add a total of 5 lb to the bar for the next workout.

What if I am stalling?

During this phase of training, there should be minimal stalling. If perchance there is a week where you are unable to add weight – the next time you do Workout A or Workout B stay at the same weight. If again you are unable to add weight you will stay at the current weight until are you able to complete an entire 3×5 or 3×8 at that weight. Once you are able to perform a 3×5 or 3×8 bench press then you can add 2.5 lb or 5 lb depending on what you are comfortable with. During this phase, you are likely also working on push-ups and dips, which will both complement your overall pushing strength but at the same time may interfere from time-to-time due to soreness.

When to move to the next level?

Once you surpass the Elementary Bench press level you will no longer be assigned bench press in the RX Athlete programming. To perform WOD’s RX’ed, you’ll rarely need to have a highly developed Bench Press unless you’re doing power-based programming such as Cross-Training football. I’ve included Bench Press in the early phases to help develop basic upper body strength that will translate well to HSPU and Muscle Ups in the most advanced levels of this program. Not sure when you can take out Bench Press? See the Barbell section of the FAQ.