Front Squat – Level 5 – Upper-Intermediate


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Workout A, Workout B, Workout C

3×3 Front Squat., 3RM Front Squat., 3×1 Front Squat.

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Workout A, Workout B, Workout C

2×4 Front Squat., 5RM Front Squat., 3×1 Front Squat.


Build and Maintain

Level 5 is unlike the other levels in the sense that there is no next level to progress to. Once you’re here we have progressed to a point where you have enough strength with the front squat necessary to complete RX WOD’s.

Lesson-specific notes

The purpose of level 5 is to provide you with a template where you can keep developing that movement gradually while you focus on other aspects of your Cross-Training training. By the time you are at level 5, you should be able to do pretty much any Cross-Training WOD with front squats in it.

The amount of Front Squat training is up to you now. Recall from the introduction that this is a graduate program in the sense you’ve already completed what you’ve come here to do. With that said, I do recognize the yearning to still progress, which is why I’ve provided an “on-going” template to accomplish this. Do you feel like you still need a lot of work? Then I would suggest doing a cycle a week. Do you think you’re happy with where you are and want to make incremental progress? Then 1-2 cycles a month will suffice. Don’t want to do anymore? That’s totally fine as well because if you’re consistent with Cross-Training you’ll still see development.

The front squat highly correlates to the clean and thruster – both extremely important movements for Cross-Training performance. Your front squat should be about 15% more than your clean. If you find that your clean is struggling, consider following this template to build out the front squat strength more.

Not sure what Cyle 1 and 2 is? It’s quite simple. You’ll perform cycle 1, then cycle 2, then cycle 1, and so on and so forth.