Handstand Push-Up – Level 2 – Elementary


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4 max handstand holds against the wall., 10 Incline inversions with the highest box possible, 10 minutes practice of wall climbs to handstand facing the wall. Try to get your nose and chest to touch the wall.

, 1 max handstand hold, 1 max handstand hold

Current ability

10 standard push-ups. If you are not able to do 10 push-ups yet, please see the push-up progression and come back to this level once you are able to complete 10 push-ups.

How to Progress

Move to level 3 HSPU when you can comfortably kick up into a handstand against the wall, hold the position with tight abs and no arch in the lower back for 30 seconds, and comfortably come back down.

Lesson-specific notes

If you cannot touch your toes with straight legs then you are encouraged to do hamstring stretches daily till you can. Tight hamstrings make it very difficult to kick up into a handstand with good form.

Once you are able to get into a handstand position against the wall you can get through this level quickly (7-21 days) by practicing handstand holds throughout the day. Since this is an isometric contraction in a stable locked out overhead position the risk of doing too much on your shoulder musculature system is fairly small. The risk from this movement will come from a sudden increase in volume from flexion on your wrists, which may cause wrist pain. If your wrists begin to hurt or swell then ice them (20 minutes on then 20 minutes off) and take 3-5 days off from handstand training.

Suggested scale during WOD’s

Any push-up variation that has a sufficient amount of difficulty and strain.

Movement videos for this level

Wall climbs. Try to get your nose and chest to touch the wall.

Incline inversion on the highest box. Try to get hips over the shoulder.

Max HS Hold. Stay on the wall as long as possible while still being able to come down safely.