Handstand Push-Up – Level 4 – Intermediate


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6×2 HSPU at the most difficult progression you can do. Rest as needed between sets. Tempo: 31×1., 3 sets max kipping HSPU with 3 minutes rest in between., As many kipping HSPU’s as possible in 3 minutes. Add 30 seconds/cycle till you get to 5 minutes. Each cycle the goal is to get more reps than the last., 1 strict HSPU EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) for 10 minutes. As you get better work up to 2 and 3 reps per minute. Tempo: 31×1.


Current ability

1 strict HSPU from the ground.

How to progress

Move to level 5 HSPU when you can do the following:

  • Women: 3 strict HSPU & 9 kipping HSPU.
  • Men: 5 strict HSPU & 12 kipping HSPU.

Lesson-specific notes

The purpose of this level is to increase strict and kipping HSPU capacity. In addition to a big focus on HSPU strength, we will also begin to get the technique down for kipping HSPU’s. This is eminently important for performance in Cross-Training WOD’s that have HSPU assigned. It is akin to the performance achieved by replacing strict pull-ups with kipping pull-ups.

Suggested scale during WOD’s

Knee-on-box HSPU.

Movement videos for this level

Kipping HSPU from ground