Handstand Push-Up – Level 5 – Upper-Intermediate


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Volume, Recovery, Intensity

3×5 deficit HSPU at the most difficult progression you can handle. Tempo: 41×1., EMOM 2-5 strict HSPU for 8 minutes with a weighted vest., As many kipping HSPU as you can do in 5 minutes.

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Workout A, Workout B, Workout C

Volume, Recovery, Intensity

3-5 rounds of 20 ME kipping HSPU and 40 of active recovery. Choose between jogging – jumping jacks – air squats – or Air Dyne.,1 max set of strict HSPU. Rest 1 minute. 1 max set kipping HSPU., 2 sets of 5 strict HSPU. Rest 1 minute. Max kipping HSPU. Rest 2 minutes.


Current ability

  • Women: 3 strict HSPU & 9 kipping HSPU.
  • Men: 5 strict HSPU & 12 kipping HSPU.

Build and maintain

Level 5 is unlike the other levels in the sense that there is no next level to progress to. Once you’re here we have progressed to a point where you should be able to RX most WOD’s so the same “How to progress” principles do not apply here. Instead, I want to give you a target to which you can aim for and then maintain. For HSPU, if you are able to build and maintain the following you will be in good stead.

  • Women: 10 strict HSPU and 20 kipping HSPU unbroken.
  • Men: 15 strict HSPU 30 kipping HSPU unbroken.

Lesson-specific notes

The purpose of level 5 is to provide you with a template where you can keep developing that movement gradually while you focus on other aspects of your Cross-Training training. By the time you are at level 5, you should be able to do pretty much any Cross-Training WOD with HSPU’s in it.

Not sure what Cyle 1 and 2 is? It’s quite simple. You’ll perform cycle 1, then cycle 2, then cycle 1, and so on and so forth.

The amount of HSPU training is up to you now. Recall from the introduction that this is a graduate program in the sense you’ve already completed what you’ve come here to do. With that said, I do recognize the yearning to still progress, which is why I’ve provided an “on-going” template to accomplish this. Do you feel like you still need a lot of work on your HSPU’s? Then I would suggest doing a cycle a week. Do you think you’re happy with where you are and want to make incremental progress? Then 1-2 cycles a month will suffice. Don’t want to do anymore? That’s totally fine as well because if you are consistent with Cross-Training you’ll see development with your HSPU.