Muscle Up – Level 2 – Elementary


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10 minutes of jumping muscle-up practice with the farthest reach you can manage., 5 minutes of negative practice. This is done by starting on top of the rings – lowering down to the bottom of a dip – transitioning (with false grip) into the top of a ring pull-up – and then lowering all the way down till your arms are straight. The goal is to move as slowly as you can in the transitional phase., 10 minutes of muscle-up attempts. This is your time to try to get a muscle-up.

20-30 reps of proximal ring wrist rotations with as little leg assistance as possible. If you are able – do it on 1 leg., 3×5 muscle-up transitions from toes on a box behind you,


Current ability

  • Be comfortable hanging from rings with a false grip.
  • Be comfortable at chest-to-ring kipping false grip pull-ups
  • Be comfortable wth practicing the ring turn-over.

How to progress

Move to Level 3 Muscle-Up when you can do 1 ring muscle-up any day of the week. Do not move to phase 3 when you get your first muscle-up! Wait till you can do it with 100% certainty all the time. I’ve seen many people over the years who get a muscle-up and cannot replicate it for weeks.

Lesson-specific notes

When you do get your first muscle-up try to get as many as possible within the next 30 minutes, later on that day if possible, and each time you go into the gym for the next week. Your goal is to get the movement down by practicing as much as possible.

Suggested scale during WOD’s:

Jumping muscle-ups.

Movement videos for this level

Jumping Muscle-Up

Muscle-up transition from toes on box behind