Muscle-Up – Level 3 – Pre-Intermediate


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Volume, Accessory, Intensity

10 Muscle-Ups + 1 dip at the top for time. Try to string together as many as you can. Add 1 rep a cycle until you get to 20 reps or have progressed to level 4 muscle-up. , Practice bar muscle-ups for 5-10 minutes., 4 sets of ME unbroken muscle-ups with 3 minutes rest in between.


Current ability

1 kipping ring muscle-up.

How to progress

Move to Level 4 Muscle-Up when you can do 5 kipping ring muscle-ups unbroken and 1 bar muscle-up.

Lesson-specific notes

The purpose of this level is to start stringing together kipping ring muscle-ups.

Movement videos for this level

Muscle up + 1 Dip

Bar muscle up practice – 1 Arm and then the other

Bar muscle-up

Multiple bar muscle-ups