Pull-Up – Level 2 – Elementary

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Volume Day, Assistance Day, Volume Day, Intensity Day

Kipping pull-up practice, Kipping pull-up practice, Tabata kipping pull-ups. Try to get more reps each cycle, As many strict pull-ups as possible in 4 minutes. Add 15 seconds each cycle until you get to 6 minutes or have moved to level 3. Tempo: 1×10.

EMOM ME strict pull-ups for 5 Min. Every cycle either try to get more consecutive pull-ups or add a minute. Do not go over 8 minutes. Tempo: 1×10., Accumulate 40 banded face pulls. Tempo: 1130., Barbell curls 3×10-12. You can do your hollow rocks between sets., 3×1 pull-ups with 5 second negative on the way down. Go up 1 rep a cycle. Focus intently on lowering very slowly. Tempo: 1150.

Accumulate 20 hollow-rocks. , , Accumulate 20 hollow rocks. ,

Current ability

1 strict pull-up any day of the week.

How to progress

Move to level 3 pull-up when you can perform the following:

  • Women: 3 strict pull-ups unbroken.
  • Men: 5 men strict pull-ups unbroken.

Lesson-specific notes

Every cycle the aim is to do more pull-ups than the last. A cycle is going through all four Workouts. This is a general recommendation and I don’t suggest counting the overall pull-up count. Just aim for volume in terms of overall reps in this level.

In this stage, you’ll also begin to develop the technique for kipping pull-ups. You’ll notice that in Workout A and B I’ve simply stated kipping pull-up practice. What you’ll do during this period is practice the following movements for 5-10 minutes. I’ve arranged them from the least to the most difficult. As you become more comfortable with the easier practice moves – progress to the more difficult ones. Additionally, keep in mind that the primary goal of level 2 pull-ups is to develop strict pull-up strength. The kipping pull-up technique practice is secondary and is meant to prime you for level 3.

  1. Kipping Pull Up Practice – Swing
  2. Kipping Pull Up Practice – Hand Release
  3. Kipping Pull Up Practice – Strict pull-up/hold/push
  4. Kipping Pull-Up Practice – kipping pull-up/hold/push
  5. Kipping Pull-Ups – Multiple regular kipping pull-ups strung together.

Become stronger in hollow rock position. This is meant to help you develop the core strength for the kipping pull-up.

Suggested scale during WOD’s

Jumping pull-ups with a half-second hold at the top.

Movement videos for this level

Hollow Rocks

(For the rest, see above)