Pull-Up – Level 3 – Pre-Intermediate


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EMOM 2-6 strict pull-ups for 6 Min. Every cycle either try to get more consecutive pull-ups or add a minute. Do not go over 8 minutes. I suggest doing this before your class. Tempo: x011., 3 sets of max rep kipping or butterfly pull-ups with 3 minutes rest., 3×3 weighted strict pull-up. Rest 3 minutes between sets. Try to go up 2.5 lb each cycle. Tempo: x011., 3 minutes practice max distance kipping pull-up. The goal is to try to have the bar touch as low on your body as possible. This is a practice for the Muscle Up.

20 kipping/butterfly pull-ups as fast as possible and in the least amount of sets. Go up 2/week but do not exceed 30. If you hit 30 while still in phase 3 try to beat time each week and in the least amount of sets as possible. I suggest doing this after your workout., Butterfly pull-up practice., Butterfly pull-up practice., As many kipping/butterfly pull-ups as possible in 5 minutes. Strategize your rep scheme to maximize the number of pull-ups. Do not start off with a ME set. Let’s say that you currently can do a max set of 10 kipping pull-ups. A good strategy would be 10-20 seconds rest between sets. Sets can be broke down like this: 7-6-5-4-3-3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1.



  • Women: 3 strict pull-ups unbroken.
  • Men: 5 men strict pull-ups unbroken.

How to progress

Move to level 4 pull-up when:

  • Women: 7 strict and 15 kipping. Able to do a few butterfly pull-ups.
  • Men: 10 strict and 20 kipping.

Lesson-specific notes

Develop stamina for higher rep pull-up sets. Continue with strength development. Become proficient at butterfly pull-ups.

Movement Videos for this level

Butterfly Pull-Up Practice – Circles under the bar

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