Pull-Up – Level 4 – Intermediate


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Volume, Assistance, Capacity, Recovery
EMOM for 4 minutes. 20 seconds of unbroken butterfly pull-ups. The goal is 18-22 reps for the first set. If you drop off the bar in the 20 second period do not jump up till the next minute. Go up 1 minute a week until you get to 6 minutes., 3×5 weighted strict pull-up. Rest for 3 minutes between sets. Go up 2.5 lb or 5 lb a cycle. If you cannot add weight go up on weight every 2-3 cycles. Tempo: x131., 60 pull-ups as fast as possible. Go up 5 a cycle until you get to 100 or move to the next phase., 4-6 rounds of tabata strict pull-ups at 80% intensity.
,Butterfly pull-up practice if you still need to work on it.,,



  • Women: 7 strict and 15 kipping. Able to do a few butterfly pull-ups.
  • Men: 10 strict and 20 kipping.

How to progress

  • Men: 30 butterfly or kipping pull-ups, whichever you prefer.
  • Women: 20 butterfly or kipping pull-ups, whichever you prefer.

Lesson-specific notes

The purpose of this level is to develop butterfly or kipping pull-up capacity that will have significant carry-over adaptations to Cross-Training specific workouts.

Movement videos for this level

Weighted pull-up with dumbbell

Weighted pull-up with dip belt