Ring Dip – Level 4 – Intermediate


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Workout A, Workout B, Workout C

Volume Day, Assistance Day, Intensity Day
3×4-7 weighted strict ring dips. Each cycle go up on either reps or weight., 3×5 weighted strict static dips. Each cycle go up in 2.5 lb or 5 lbincrements till you get to level 5 for Ring Dips., As many kipping ring dips as possible in 2 minutes. Add 15 seconds/cycle until you are at 4 minutes. If you are still in this level at 4 minutes then try to beat reps each cycle.

2xME kipping ring dips with at least 3 minutes rest., Kipping ring dip technique practice.,


Current ability

5 strict ring dips.

How to progress

Move to level 5 Ring Dip when you can do 8-10 strict ring dips and 15-20 kipping ring dips.

Lesson-specific notes

The objective of this level is to develop the kipping ring dip capacity and strength in the 5RM range.

Movement videos for this level

Kipping Ring Dips