Ring Dip – Level 5 – Upper-Intermediate


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Volume Day, Assistance Day, Intensity Day

Rotate back and forth between 5RM and 10RM weighted strict ring dips. Each cycle go up on either reps or weight., 2×8-12 weighted kipping ring dips. Each cycle go up on either reps or weight. Tempo: 31×1., As many ring dips as possible in 5 minutes. The caveat to this is in order to get to the ring dip position you must do a muscle-up.

3xME kipping ring dips with 1-minute rest., As many elevated diamond push-ups as you can do in 2 minutes. Go up 15 seconds/cycle and cap out at 3:00.,

Current ability:

8-10 strict ring dips and 15-20 kipping ring dips.

Build and Maintain

Level 5 is unlike the other levels in the sense that there is no next level to progress to. Once you’re here we have progressed to a point where you should be able to RX most WOD’s so the same “How to progress” principles do not apply here. Instead, I want to give you a target to which you can aim for and then maintain. For ring-dips, if you are able to build and maintain the following you will be in good stead.

  • Women: 20 unbroken kipping dips.
  • Men: 30 unbroken kipping dips.

Lesson-specific notes

Ring dips do not come up very often in Cross-Training programming and with a finite amount of gym time you should go to working on things that have a higher rate of return. Instead, your focus should turn to Muscle-Ups. This is especially true for women since only 12 finished 30 burpee ring muscle-ups for time in under 8 minutes in the 2013 regionals. Having a high-capacity for muscle-ups is a big advantage when they come up in training or comps.