Standing Overhead Press – Level 2 – Elementary


[tabl class=”table-condensed” caption=”” width=”100%”] Workout A, Workout B
3×5 Overhead Press, 3×8 Overhead Press

How to Progress

Every time you complete Workout A or Workout B women add a total of 2.5 lb to the bar and men add a total of 5 lb to the bar for the next workout.

What if I am stalling?

During this phase of training, there should be minimal stalling. If perchance there is a week where you are unable to add weight – the next time you do Workout A or Workout B stay at the same weight. If again you are unable to add weight you will stay at the current weight until are you able to complete an entire 3×5 or 3×8 at that weight. Once you are able to perform a 3×5 or 3×8 overhead press then you can add 2.5 lb or 5 lb depending on what you are comfortable with. During this phase, you are likely also working on push-ups and dips, which will both complement your overall pushing strength but at the same time may interfere from time-to-time due to soreness.

Once you surpass the Elementary Overhead press level you will no longer be assigned overhead strict press in the RX Athlete programming. In the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels, you will be utilizing the Push Press. The reason being is that in most Cross-Training programming you will rarely be asked to perform a strict press in a daily WOD. Most of the time you’ll be permitted to use any means to get the barbell from shoulder-to-overhead. Depending on the WOD, you’ll want to use a push press or push jerk. For now, we’ll be using a push press and then advance to having the push jerk in your programming in the intermediate and upper-intermediate levels.