Clean & Jerk – Intermediate – Level 4


[tabl class=”table-condensed” caption=”” width=”100%” colwidth=”100″ colalign=”left”] Workout A
3×3 Clean & Jerk.[/tabl]

How to Progress

[tabl caption=”” width=”100%” colwidth=”100″ colalign=”left”] Instructions
Every time you complete Workout A then add a total of 2.5 lb to the bar for the next workout. [/tabl]

What if I am stalling?

[tabl caption=”” width=”100%” colwidth=”100″ colalign=”left”] Instructions
There shouldn’t be any stalls in this phase of training. If you’re stuck you either started too heavy or have form faults. You likely know which one it is. If it’s too heavy drop weight by 10% and start over from there and only go up in 2.5 lb increments. If you believe it’s the form faults you’ll need to do your due diligence and correct them. These nuances of form correction for the Olympic lifts are beyond the scope of the program. Your best resource for this will be a coach at your local box. If that is unavailable record your movement from the side and spend some time on youtube reviewing the proper technique.

Once you surpass this level, mark this lesson as complete and go to the Upper-Intermediate Clean & Jerk lesson.