Determining Your Levels For Each Movement

This lesson serves two purposes:

  1. First, as you set up your initial programming, you’ll use this to figure out what levels you are at. If you’re setting up your programming for the first time, please make note of what level you are for each movement. After you’ve done that, you can mark this lesson as complete and move to the next lesson.
  2. Second, as you progress through the levels, you can use this as a reference point for when you can level up!

Pull-Up Levels

Level Goal For Level
10 Strict Pull-Ups
21 Strict Pull-Up
35 Strict Pull-Ups & Kipping Swing
410 Strict Pull-Ups & 20 Kipping Pull-Ups
5100 Kipping or Butterfly Pull-Ups under 5 Minutes

Muscle Ups Levels

Level Goal For Level
10 Kipping Muscle Ups
21 Kipping Muscle Up
35 Kipping Muscle Ups & One Bar Muscle Up
48-12 Kipping Muscle Ups, 3-5 Bar Muscle Ups, & 1 Strict Ring Muscle Up
530 Kipping Muscle Ups under 5 minutes

Handstand Push-Ups Levels

Level Goal For Level
110 Push Ups & 20-second handstand hold
21 Strict Handstand Push-Up
33 Strict Handstand Push-Up & 10 Kipping HSPU
46 Strict Handstand Push-Up & 20 Kipping HSPU
510 Strict Handstand Push-Up, 20 Kipping HSPU, & 1 Full ROM HSPU

Ring Dips Levels

Level Goal For Level
10 Strict Static Dips
21 Strict Static Dips
35 Strict Static Dips
410 Strict Static Dips & 15-20 Kipping Ring Dips
520-30 Unbroken Ring Dips

Pistol Squat Levels

Level Goal For Level
15 reps of bodyweight barbell back squat
25 second unassisted negative pistol squat
31 pistol each leg
45 pistols each leg while alternating legs
510 pistols each leg straight