Level 1 – Muscle-Up

If you have completed the pre-reqs you have enough strength to do a MU. At this level, we are working on the transition.

We both know that you can do a chest-to-bar pull-up. We also know that you can do a dip so deep it would make your mom proud. But, what happens in-between? What does that transition look like? That’s what we are here to learn in level 1.

This level is dedicated to Muscle-Up Progression drills. Specifically the false grip and the transition between the top of the pull and the bottom of the dip.

Unlike all other levels where there is a clear goal, this one is more amorphous. I want you to build confidence with the transition and false grip. For some, that may be a cycle through once. For others, that may mean cycle through four times for an entire month.

You should go through this cycle at least twice. Even if you feel like it’s a waste of time. If you would like to get through it quickly then feel free to cycle through it 2-3 times in the first week before going to level 2.

  • Prerequisite: Level 3 pull-ups and Level 3 Ring Dips complete.
  • Move to Level 2 Muscle-Up when: Build strength with a false grip, become efficient at chest-to-ring kipping false grip pull-ups, and practice ring turn-over.
  • Notes: This level has a heavy emphasis on building strength in the transitional phase between the pull and bottom of the dip. I suggest cycling through this 3-6 times before going to level 2 muscle-up even if after 1 cycle you feel comfortable.
  • Suggested scale during WOD’s: Jumping muscle-ups.
ANYTIME5-10 minutes practice of false grip kipping ring pull-ups. 3 x 5 false grip ring rows at highest incline possible. 5-10 minutes practice of strict false grip ring pull-ups in hollow rock position. Go as high as possible.
ANYTIME20-30 reps of proximal ring wrist rotations with as little leg assistance as possible. 10×1 jumping up to a ring dip at lowest possible height. 5×5 muscle-up transitions from toes.