Level 2 – Ring Dip

In level 2 we start to move away from parallette dips and up to static dips. Static dips follow the same movement pattern as dips but on a different apparatus. They are easier because you do not need to stabilize your body across a 360 plane on two rings.

Even though static dips will be the main focus we will start on the rings in level 2. The reason for that is to get you accustomed to holding yourself on the rings, which is a skill in and of itself.

At first, you likely won’t be able to hold yourself unassisted. What I recommend is to lower the rings down to thigh level. This will allow you to hold yourself on the rings while your feet are on the ground. Once hanging you can slowly start putting more weight on your hands on the rings and less on your feet on the ground. This is done by moving to your tiptoes on both feet. Once that becomes too easy then only your tiptoes on one foot. Eventually, you will be able to lift that off the ground and support yourself.


The self-assisted dip should be performed on a static dip mount. If your gym does not have one, you can put two GHD’s close together and use the handles.

  1. Slow (3-4 seconds) and assistance on the way up and down. Gradually use your legs less to make it more difficult.
  2. Slow (3-4 seconds) and no assistance on the way down. Assistance on the way up.
  3. Slow (3-4 seconds) and no assistance on the way down with 1-3 second pause at the bottom before using your legs to help you get back up.
  4. Normal pace down (1-2 seconds) and back up with no assistance.
  5. Bodyweight dip + weight. Only start adding weight once you can do 5 strict bodyweight dips. Move up in 2.5lb or 5lb increments.
  • Current ability: 8-10 parallette dips with legs on the bench. 25lb for women and 45lb on laps for men.
  • Goal: 3-5 static strict dips. Once you can consistently hit this goal move to phase 3.
  • Objective: Accumulation phase. Every week do more total dips than the last.
  • How to: 3 workouts a week with at 1-2 rest days between each.
BEFORE WODBench dips drop set. Pick a progression where you can do 12-15 reps to failure. Rest 10-15 seconds and do another max set. Rest 10-15 seconds and do your last max set. You are shooting for the following rep ranges: 12-15. 9-12. 5-8. In the following week, you will either move up on reps or start a more difficult progression. 3 sets of 5-8 close grip push-ups. If you go over 8 reps move to a more difficult progression. 5 sets 3-5 of self-assisted tricep dip.
AFTER WOD2 sets of 8-12 of self-assisted tricep dip. 3-6 sets 5-20 second holds on the rings at the top. If you are under 10 seconds do 6 sets. If you are 10-15 seconds do 5 sets. If you are 15-25 seconds do 3 sets. Rest at least 2 minutes between attempts.
AFTER WOD3 sets of 8-15 standard push-ups at the most difficult progression.