Level 3 – Handstand Push-Up

Wow! If you are here it means you can do at least one strict handstand pushup. That’s impressive in and of itself. Congrats on making it this far.

The goal now is to build on top of that base of strength. There aren’t many WOD’s out there that call for only one HSPU! It’s now the time to start stringing them together.

In level 2 we worked our way up to our first strict HSPU. In level 3, we build on top of that by working on stringing multiple HSPU together.

  • Current ability: 1 strict HSPU.
  • Goal: 3 strict HSPU and 10 kipping HSPU.
  • Suggested scale during WOD’s: Knee-on-box handstand push-ups.
BEFORE WODAccumulate 20 knee-on-box handstand push-ups. Go up 5/week till you are at 40. Each week make it a little more difficult by using a higher box or getting your chest closer to the box.10×1 negative HSPU. See HSPU Level 2 for detailed progression. Go up 1 rep a week till you move to Level 3.3 x 10-15 elevated push-ups. Once you can do all 15 reps at a certain height move up 3-6 inches. 10×1 negative HSPU. Go up 1 rep a week till you move to the next level.
AFTER WOD2 sets of 8-12 pike push-ups. HSPU test. Can you do 1 HSPU?