Level 3 – Kipping Pull-Up

At this point, you should be able to string together 5 strict pull-ups and have the kipping motion down. In level 3 we will begin having less of a focus on strict pull-ups and more of a focus on kipping pull-ups. With that said, strict pull-ups should continue to be the backbone of your pull-up programming. The more strict pull-ups you can do the more kipping pull-ups you can do. Additionally, strict pull-ups help serve as the base for muscle-ups.

In level 3 we focus on developing stamina in pull-ups. In addition, we want to iron out the technique for kipping. This level is about taking all the pieces from levels 1 and 2 and putting them together. With that, we can build aptitude with kipping pull-ups and start introducing them to our WOD’s.

In level 3 we also begin introducing the butterfly pull-up. I’ve included this as an optional skill to work on. The butterfly is faster than a kipping pull-up but takes more energy and has more risk of injury with the shoulder. If you decide you’d like to develop the butterfly then see the “Circles Under The Bar” video. When practicing you’ll only need to do it with your head under the bar. As you get better you’ll start making bigger and bigger circles until you can start going chin over the bar.

If you do not want to try butterfly then you can use this time to practice your kipping motion or do more sets of kipping pull-ups.

  • Current ability: Set of 5 strict pull-ups any day of the week.
  • Goal: Men – 10 strict and 20 kipping. Women – 7 strict and 15 kipping.
  • How to: Do 2-4 workouts a week. Rest day from pull-ups before days 2 and 4.
BEFORE WOD EMOM 3-8 strict pull-ups for 5 Min. Every week either try to get more consecutive pull-ups or add a minute. Do not go over 8 minutes. 3 sets of max rep kipping pull-ups with 3 minutes rest.2 sets max strict pull-ups. Rest 3 minutes between sets. As many kipping pull-ups as possible in 3 minutes.
AFTER WOD 20 kipping pull-ups as fast as possible and in the least amount of sets. Go up 5/week but do not exceed 40. If you hit 40 while still in level 3 try to beat time each week. Butterfly or kipping pull-up practice. Butterfly or kipping pull-up practice. Butterfly or kipping pull-up practice.