Level 3 – Muscle Up

Congrats on making it this far! In Level 3 you should have a solid kipping muscle-up on the rings.

In level 3 we have three areas of intent focus.

First, we will be learning the technique for stringing together ring muscle-ups. If you completed level 3 pull-ups with me, this will very similar. We break down the kipping motion part-by-part and practice them. Once we have all the pieces, we then put them together into one fluid motion. The result will be the ability to string them together.

Second, with will work on capacity building. This only means specific strength needed to do more reps.

Third, we’ll introduce the bar muscle-up. The bar MU is actually a little harder than rings because it requires more strength on the pull. The reason being is you need to pull your body around the bar whereas with rings there is a gap that your body goes through.

  • Current ability: 1 kipping ring muscle-up any day of the week.
  • Move to Level 4 Muscle Up when: 5 kipping ring muscle-ups unbroken and 1 bar muscle-up.
  • Objective: Stringing kipping ring muscle-ups together and a bar muscle-up.
BEFORE WOD10 Muscle-Ups + 1 dip at the top for time. Try to string together as many as you can. Add 1 rep a cycle until you get to 20 reps or have progressed to level 4 muscle-up. Practice bar muscle-ups for 10 minutes. See video series for practice drills. 4 sets of ME unbroken muscle-ups with 3 minutes rest in between.