Level 4 – Handstand Push-Up

Now we are building to our ultimate goal! By now, you’ve been able to string at least three strict handstand pushups. We are on the grind. Level 4 isn’t that much different than 3.

  • Current ability:  3 strict HSPU’s and 10 kipping HSPU’s.
  • Goal: 6 Strict HSPU’s & 20 Kipping HSPU’s.
  • Suggested scale during WOD’s: At this point, we will begin integrating HSPU’s into your WOD’s. You may not be able to do them all yet but that’s perfectly normal. The prescription is to do as many as possible before not being able to get back up. If you begin to get failed reps, transition into doing negative HSPU’s from the ground or one ab mat.
BEFORE WOD6×2 HSPU's at the most difficult progression, you can do. See Level 2 for progression ideas. Rest as needed between sets. 3 sets max kipping HSPU's with 3 minutes rest between. As many kipping HSPU's as possible in 3 minutes. Add 30 seconds/cycle till you get to 5 minutes. Each cycle the goal is to get more reps than the last.1 strict HSPU EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) for 10 minutes. As you get better work up to 2 and 3 reps per minute.