Level 4 – Kipping Pull Up

By level 4 we have proficiency with both kipping and strict pull-ups. This means a few different things.

First, you have your kipping skills down pat. You feel comfortable jumping up and showing out some kipping pull-ups. By now, you should have already started introducing them in your WOD’s. You may not be able to do them all but you feel it.

Second, you are getting strong enough to do a few weighted pull-ups. By now, if you were to wear a weight belt you might be able to do a weighted pull-up with 5-45 lb pounds.

In level 4, we are working towards building more capacity. In your WOD’s you should be attempting to do most or all of your pull-ups as kipping.

  • Current ability: Men – 10 strict and 20 kipping. Women – 7 strict and 15 kipping.
  • Goal: Men – 40 butterfly pull-ups. Women – 30 butterfly pull-ups. Move to Phase 5 once you hit this goal.
  • How to: Do 2-3 workouts a week.
BEFORE WOD EMOM for 4 minutes. 20 seconds of unbroken kipping/butterfly pull-ups. If you drop off the bar in the 20 second period do not jump up till the next minute. Go up 1 minute a week until you get to 6 minutes. 3×5 weighted strict pull-up. Rest for 3 minutes between the sets. Go up 2.5 or 5lb a week.40 pull-ups as fast as possible. Go up 5 a week until you get to 60. Once at 60 then try to beat your time each week.
AFTER WOD Butterfly pull-up practice if you still need to work on it or if you want to develop it.