Level 4 – Pistol Squat

Once you’re at level 4 for the Cross-Training pistol squat progression you should be able to perform at least one pistol per leg with a full range of motion. In level 4 we begin working upon your ability to perform multiple pistols in a row. Because we all know, there aren’t any WOD’s with just one pistol!

Additionally, I am removing the linear strength squat barbell strength as part of the pistol progression. Feel free to continue using that squat program mentioned in level 3 or use another program that is more suited to your training needs. I do suggest that you follow a strength program that has you squatting heavy at least once a week! The one I posted is well suited for beginners and novices but after 6 to 9 months you will need something more suited for an intermediate lifter to continue making gains on your back squat.

  • Current ability: 1 full range of motion and controlled pistol squat for each leg.
  • Goal: 5 pistols for each leg while alternating legs.
  • How: 2-3 workouts a week.

Level 4 Pistol Squat Weekly Progression Workouts

BEFORE WOD5 x 3 pistols with alternating legs. If you are unable to complete a rep by not being able to come up then you can use assistance by holding onto something to pull yourself up. If you do use assistance try to use as little as possible.Accumulate 5 to 10 pistols each leg before your WOD.
Attempt the level goal by performing 5 reps a leg while alternating legs.
AFTER WODAccumulate 5 pistols each leg after your WOD.