Level 5 – Handstand Push-Up

Wow, here we are at the last level. Does that mean once you hit your goal capacity you can stop? No, not really. Remember, the singular goal of the RX Gymnastics program is to get you to RX WOD’s. By this point, you are either there or almost there. If a WOD has 25 HSPU’s you might be able to do it, but it may take a while.

Where you take it from here is entirely up to you and your ambitions in Cross-Training. If you to RX most WOD’s that come up, you will need to cycle through the HSPU progressions below a few times a month to maintain. Something along the lines of completing a Microcycle every ~2-3 weeks would do it.

If you have competition ambitions, it’s time to start thinking about custom programming based on your needs.

If you’ve fallen in love with being inverted, there are other handstand progressions to explore. You can work on a free handstand hold. You can try a free handstand pushup to the ground or full ROM. Maybe some handstand walking or handstand canes? There is a lot to explore!

  • Current ability: 6 Strict HSPU & 20 Kipping HSPU.
  • Goals:
    • 10-20 Strict HSPU in a row
    • 30-50 kipping HSPU in a row
    • 1 Full ROM Strict HSPU
  • Instructions: Rotate through both microcycles.

Microcycle 1

BEFORE WOD3×5 deficit HSPU at most difficult progression you can handle. Tempo: 41×1. EMOM 2-5 strict HSPU for 8 minutes with a weighted vest. As many kipping HSPU as you can do in 5 minutes.

Microcycle 2

BEFORE WOD3-5 rounds of 20 seconds ME kipping HSPU and 40 seconds of active recovery. Choose between jogging – jumping jacks – air squats – or Air Dyne.1 max set of strict HSPU. Rest 1 minute. 1 max set kipping HSPU. 2 sets of 5 strict HSPU. Rest 1 minute. Max kipping HSPU. Rest 2 minutes.