Level 5 – Pistol Squat

Level 5 is more of a Maintenance level. The goal is just to do a few of these workouts a month to slowly build up your pistol capacity.

  • Current ability: 1 full range of motion and controlled pistol squat for each leg.
  • Goal: 10 pistols a row for each leg.
  • How: 2-3 workouts a month.
AFTER WODTabata pistols alternating legs. This will be very hard and by round 8 you may not be able to complete any reps! The goal for this workout is simply to perform more reps week-over-week. Every Minute On the Minute for 10 minutes. For the first minute, perform 5 pistols on one leg. In the second minute perform 5 pistols on the other leg. Do this until each leg has accumulated 25 pistols over the course of 5 rounds. If 5 is too many, feel free to do less and then work your way up to 5. Complete 50 pistols for time. Perform in any rep scheme you want. Just make sure that each leg gets 25 reps.