Level 5 – Ring Dip

Current ability: 8-10 strict ring dips and 15-20 kipping ring dips.

Goal: Men – 30+ / Women – 20+ kipping ring dips.

Objective: Build and maintain kipping ring dip capacity.

Notes: Ring dips do not come up very often in Cross-Training programming and with a finite amount of gym time, you should go work on things that have a higher rate of return. Instead, your focus should turn to Muscle-Ups. A caveat is if your focus is local comps or regionals and you have difficulty with high rep muscle-ups then I would recommend 4-8 days a month until your around 4:00-5:00 minutes for something like 30 muscle-ups for time. This is especially true for women since only 12 finished 30 burpee ring muscle-ups for time in under 8 minutes in the 2013 regionals and having a high-capacity for muscle-ups is a big advantage when they come up. This is true for men as well but just more for women.

BEFORE WODRotate back and forth between 5RM and 10RM weighted strict ring dips. Each cycle, go up on either reps or weight.2x8-12 weighted kipping ring dips. Each cycle, go up on either reps or weight. Tempo: 31×1.As many ring dips as possible in 5 minutes. The caveat to this is in order to get to the ring dip position you must do a muscle-up.
AFTER WOD3xME kipping ring dips with 1-minute rest. As many elevated diamond push-ups as you can do in 2 minutes. Go up 15 seconds/cycle and cap out at 3:00.