Pull-Up Level 3 Overview

Primary Goal of Level

The goal of Level 3 of the Pull-Up Program is to complete 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps of Straight Leg Assisted Pull-Up. If you are already capable of this, please move to the next level.

Secondary Goals

In addition to the primary goal, we are also focusing on developing the following attributes. These attributes will help with our overall goal of pull-up development.

  • Grip strength by using 75 seconds walking farmers carries with dumbbells.
  • Back strength by using Close Grip Lat Pull-Downs, Face Pulls, and Barbell Curls.

Goal of sub-levels

There are three sub-levels in the Level 3 Pull-Up Program. Each sub-level has a goal. Once that goal is attained you can move to the next sub-level. Please take a look a the goals for each sub-level. You have two options on where you can start. For the first option, you can pick the sub-level that is most difficult for your current strength but you are not able to complete the goal of that sub-level. The second option is to simply start from the beginning and work your way through each level.

  • Level 3.1: 3×3 Straight Leg Assisted Pull-Ups.
  • Level 3.2: 3×6 Straight Leg Assisted Pull-Ups.
  • Level 3.3: 3x 8 to 12 Straight Leg Assisted Pull-Ups.

Proper Starting Position

The starting position for the Straight Leg Leg Assisted Pull-Up is important to get right. The apparatus should be set at a height so that when your arms are fully extended overhead then your butt should be grazing the ground. You are not sitting. You are almost floating. Yes, your butt is touching the ground but no it is not with your full weight.

We want to get this right because the bottom position in the pull-up is not a resting position. You are still hanging. Your grip and back and arms are still in tension. Same with the Straight Leg Leg Assisted Pull-Up. The bottom position is still an active position with tension. To accomplish this, your butt should only be grazing the floor.

With that said, having the butt fully resting on the ground is a perfectly fine progression. In Level 3, feel free to rest at the bottom when needed in your strength sets so that you are able to get more reps. With that said, when you perform your test sets there shouldn’t be any sitting at the bottom between reps.

Microcycle (i.e. weekly programming ) Design

Each microcycle in Level 2 has two workouts. The first workout is the hardest. The second workout is moderate and will be complete 2-3 days after the first. Ideally, you will complete two workouts in a week. If you are interested in learning more about the methodology behind these exercise prescription choices, please read the Level Up Periodization article.