Pull-Up Level 6 Overview

Primary Goal of Level

The goal of Level 6 of the Pull-Up Program is to complete one rep of an 8-second Pull-Up Hold with a 5-second descent. If you are already capable of this, please move to the next level.

Secondary Goals

There are no secondary goals in level 6. We are VERY focused on our pull-up hold and slow descent.

Goal of sub-levels

There are three sub-levels in the Level 6 Pull-Up Program. Each sub-level has a goal. Once that goal is attained you can move to the next sub-level. Please take a look at the goals for each sub-level. You have two options on where you can start. For the first option, you can pick the sub-level that is most difficult for your current strength but you are not able to complete the goal of that sub-level. The second option is to simply start from the beginning and work your way through each level.

  • Level 6.1:  One rep of a 1-second Pull-Up Hold with a 3-second controlled descent.
  • Level 6.2: One rep of a 3-second Pull-Up Hold with a 5-second controlled descent.
  • Level 6.3: One rep of an 8-second Pull-Up Hold with a 5-second controlled descent.

Standard Pull-Up Isometric Hold

Isometric Hold

Getting your Chin above the bar

Presumably, at this point, you still don’t have the strength to do a pull-up, correct?  If you do, then you’re on the wrong level :). The question then begs, how do get above the bar if I can’t get a pull-up yet?

This one is actually pretty simple. Find a box. A bench. A stack of books that are precariously stacked. Whatever it is. It doesn’t matter.

You can use said precariously stacked books to jump or step up so you’re chin is above the bar. No concentric portion of the pull-up needed.

Once you’re above the bar you can commence with your isometric hold and eccentric descent. Nifty!

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