Pull-Up Level 7 Overview

Primary Goal of Level

The goal of Level 7 of the Pull-Up Program is to complete 15-20 strict pull-ups unbroken.  If you are already capable of this, then what are you even doing here?

Seriously, if you can already do this then move to Level 8 where I discuss what are your next options.

Secondary Goals

There are four sub-levels in the Level 7 Pull-Up Program. Each sub-level has a goal. Once that goal is attained you can move to the next sub-level. Please take a look at the goals for each sub-level. You have two options on where you can start. For the first option, you can pick the sub-level that is most difficult for your current strength but you are not able to complete the goal of that sub-level. The second option is to simply start from the beginning and work your way through each level.

  • Level 7.1:  Complete 3 sets of 1 Strict Pull-Up unbroken.
  • Level 7.2: Complete 3 sets of 5 Strict Pull-Ups unbroken.
  • Level 7.3: Complete 3 sets of 8 to 12 Strict Pull-Ups unbroken.
  • Level 7.4: Complete 1 Set of 15-20 Pull-Ups unbroken.

Coaching Notes

Wow. We are here. We are now going to attempt a standard strict pull-up! This is certainly a pivotal point in both your life and mine.

In sub-level 6.3 we got to the point where we could perform an 8-second Pull-Up Hold with a 5-second controlled descent. There might be a chance that this was enough to get you to the point to perform a strict pull-up. If you’ve already gotten there, congrats! Seriously. I sprinkle humor and sarcasm in here perhaps a little too much, but working to get a strict pull-up is an accomplishment. Good job. Attaboyattagirl, or attathey if you don’t conform to any certain gender profile that society has forced you into.

Level 7.1 is all about getting to the point where you can do one strict pull-up as routine. Lets dig into that a bit.

You have or will soon (within a few weeks) have your first strict pull-up. It will/was on a day where things aligned well, you felt strong, you had a big cup of coffee, and it’s almost like you floated up.  That’s the experience of most people’s first time. But just like I learned as a teenager, getting laid your first time doesn’t guarantee a second.

What we are seeking in Level 7.1 is the confidence that any day you go into the gym you could do three sets of 1 pull-up. Once we have that level of certainty then it’s time to move to level 7.1.

Greasing the Groove

There is a term and idea that I’ll be using frequently. Its called greasing the groove.

The idea is that there are certain points in a movement progression where we can advance very quickly by working the movement every day and outside scheduled training sessions.

For example, in Level 7 I am scheduling 3 workouts a week. During those sessions, you’ll certainly be training the pull-up.

But outside of those sessions, you can ‘greasing the groove’ of the pull-up by performing them whenever you feel like it. Do you have a pull-up bar at home (yes it’s a good idea and you should have one)? Throw in a rep when you are cooking dinner. Throw a few reps in if you go to the park. Throw a rep in at the office and show everyone how much of a pull-up master you are.

You get the picture. Have fun with it. You’ve worked hard to acquire a new skill.  Now its time to practice it.

Standard Strict Pull-Up

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