Exercise Video Library

Much of my focus on this website is to show people how to make progress with various strength oriented movements that are a mix of gymnastics, barbell, flexibility, and mobility exercises. To do that well, I find that short movement videos are insanely helpful to convey proper form.

All of my exercise and fitness programs have a focus on progressing. With weightlifting, this is mostly handled with spreadsheets and numbers since the movement patterns are generally pretty simple. With my gymnastics and bodyweight movement programs, they tend to be more nuanced. With more nuance, there are micro progressions. Those micro progressions are quite useful when you want to do something like go from a handstand against the wall to a handstand without a wall.

A simple analogy could be found with driving directions. Imagine if I told you how to drive from California to New York. You would do it, but it wouldn’t be the most optimal route having to rely on merely driving east and following road signs. If I gave you a smartphone with Google Maps, it would be a much more efficient journey.

This movement library allows me to provide detailed instructions on how to progress with movements. For example, I have dozens of individual exercises to teach someone how to do a pull-up before they can actually do a pull-up themselves.

I hope that his movement library will never be complete because learning new movement patterns should be a lifelong endeavor. As I learn, teach, and progress, this library will evolve as my movement practice evolves. You can think of what I offer as a temporary teacher in your training and physical life. I hope that you take a few things, learn from them, make them your own, teach them to others, and continue on.