Every 5 minutes, perform:

15 Push-Ups

15 Back Widows


Run for an hour. Set a timer and every 5 minutes stop and do the upper body push/pull combination. No scoring.

An athlete could measure their overall distance if they wanted a number to track. Tips and Strategy This is a classic aerobic movement (jogging) mixed with a classic calisthenic movement (Push-Ups) and a not so common but complimentary calisthenic movement (Back Widow). Where long sleeves or even knees sleeves if you’re doing Back Widows outside.

Tape is also a good option. An athlete can use this as a recovery WOD or as a way to challenge their endurance. Intended Stimulus This should be a good, steady-state workout for the most part.

The Push-Ups and Back Widows will get the heart rate up due to the bracing nature of these movements. Scaling For Intermediate, reduce the time cap to 45 minutes.

For Beginners, reduce the time cap to 15-30 minutes depending on running capacity. Reduce the reps on the Push-Ups/Back Widows to 7-10. Substitute Planks for Push-Ups.